As a wedding planner based in Yorkshire we come across Brides from all areas, South, North, East and West. There are areas that we would love to work in more and one of those areas is Leeds!!

One of our areas of expertise is working with couples who want a wedding based outdoors, however for a wedding planner in Leeds, the options of an outdoor wedding near the city centre are a bit more limited. Another area we excel at is creating a beautiful space for a wedding from very little. In a city centre, we are more likely to search for what we call ‘blank canvas’ venue to help transform a couples vision about their wedding into reality. For example, you may want to create a feeling of an intimate roof top bar for your wedding, but may not be able to find anywhere with enough space to cater for an actual wedding reception – in this instance we would look for a contemporary space like an art gallery or even a warehouse and help a couple transform the space to feel like a swanky roof top bar by incorporating trees, speciality lighting, modern furniture and of course a bar to rival even the top city centre hang outs.

If it is a Leeds City Centre wedding you are looking for, but not your average kind of wedding, then get in touch with us. We love nothing more than to flex our creative muscles and mastermind events that will leave you and your guests talking about your wedding for years!

Just in case you are interested in a chic, city centre, roof top bar inspired wedding, check out our inspiration below!

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